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In our residences we work with artists, designers, collectives, curators from the position of their creative production and their affinity to start installations or self-directed public programs. Previous residencies have culminated in exhibitions, performances, public installations, dinners, and screenings. We are open to other types of formats and everything that can ferment based on our meetings.

La Clínica has its own local audience and city residents. However, the most generative experiences have occurred when the artist generates her own resonance within the city of Oaxaca, therefore the shortest period of residence is 3 weeks.

In a more practical sense, the residents are given the space for research and the means of production specific to their activities and artistic pursuits. During the collaborative process we also seek the advice of local experts whose investigations or practices cross paths of interest.


  • La Clínica's team is small and it is not possible for us to respond to all applications. At this time we are only reviewing applications that include a budget plan outlining how residency/exhibition costs will be covered.

  • International applicants are encouraged to look for internationalization funding opportunities that support artists abroad. La Clínica may issue a letter of invitation to assist in the fundraising process. In former collaborations La Clínica has been heavily involved with each applicant to aid in the fundraising process.  Previous residents have been supported by the Creative Industries Fund (NL), and Fonderie Darling (CA). 

  • Applicants based in countries without international funding organizations may reachout with a project plan, and possible ally institutions based in the applicants country of residence for potential crossover collaborators. 

For more information about the costs of a residency or exhibition at La Clínica and what we are looking for in a project plan please reach out at info@laclinica.art 


Gitte Svendsen

Dimitri C. Madimin

Talena Sanders

James Oscar

Contact:    info@laclinica.art

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