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Casa Abierta (open house) at La Clínica
Thursday, August 24, 6:30 p.m.

Casa Abierta is an annual meeting of contemporary performing arts curated by poco a poco. This sixth edition receives 20 artists; promoting a network of creation, research, teaching and professional display of the living arts in the city of Oaxaca and its central valleys, in southern Mexico. Organized through calls, the public program supports performances, sound installations, theater, dance, workshops, and projections, which are presented in various cultural and independent spaces such as La Clínica, Estación Morelos, La Locomotora Foro Escénico, POCOAPOCO, and Necia.

La Clinica will host:

Represa, performance by Sofía Zamudio
Thursday, August 24 at 6:30 p.m.
El Cuerpo es el Mensaje, Choreo-Sound installation by the Sociedad del Paisaje
August 24 to September 2, 2023

Represa (dam):
Represa is a situated practice, which mobilizes and changes forms between liquid bodies, a living action that is created in the relationship of a common density in constant mutation. Represa is a body that modifies and amplifies its forms, a kind of bag with water in which bones and meat float, a natural and artificial reserve, bodies of water changing, overflowing in a world where the solid is dissolved by action.Direction and Performer: Sofía Zamudio
Assistant Director and Sound Design: Fermín Martínez
Duration: 25 minutes

El Cuerpo es el Mensaje (the body is the message):
Performative installation, a project that develops like a canvas that can be activated/played from the breadth of each body. Open code/open source, a space for the active collaboration of a sound/choreographic piece.
This project uses noise as an amorphous language, a performative act that seeks to tune the body in space. The sense of the piece has to do with the impossibility of sending corporalities from a distance, of looking primitive and succumbing to artificialities that cannot support the complexity of bodies. The antennas as a representation of the remote “connectivity” infrastructure.Direction: Sendic Vázquez
Work team:
Sendic Vázquez, Fermín Martínez, and Iliana Olalde
+ guest artist (Evelyn Méndez Maldonado)
Duration: 30 minutes

About the artists

Sofia Zamudio
Stage artist, performer, researcher of the living arts and movement. She uses research, improvisation, somatics and choreography as detonators for meetings, creations, exchange of knowledge and affections. She investigates the performativity of the living body in continuous transformation, in relation to space, objects and different states of perception induced by action. Her studies and artistic practices meet in it the intersection of audiovisual disciplines, performative, somatic movement and butoh dance; it is through processes of experimentation that intertwine her work between the living arts and the living body.

Sociedad del Paisaje (Landscape Society)
A collaborative project made up of Fermín Martínez (FRCH), interdisciplinary artist, sound designer and audiovisual producer; Sendic Vázquez, stage director and scenic artist; and Iliana Olalde, director, choreographer and performer. From a Hacking thought, they organize a spaces for creation, research and experimentation where performative and sound practices intersect in the body-landscape-noise relationship. The projects of the Landscape Society have been presented in different meetings, festivals and spaces in Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, from 2018 to date.

Download the full CASA ABIERTA program.pdf

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