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January 6 - February 17, 2023
Nature must go, you must stay

Curated by: Tan Uranga (El Recinto)
Participating artists: Andrea Guízar, ASSAAAAAMM, C.Nuñez, Daniel Robles Lizano, Daniel Uranga, Enrique Arriaga, Javier Fresneda, Manuela Riestra, Margot Kalach, Mayra Karvalho, Natalia Ramon and Piedra Volcánica.

The works exhibited do not pretend to be mimetic representations of nature, but seek to question the systems of production with the understanding that the manipulation of the materials implies a manipulation of their meanings.
    It is inevitable to serve ourselves, and our purposes, from nature. What the artists propose is to rethink the meanings and values we have granted to the material world, and instead return to the physical plane and its realities to find other ways to approach nature outside of the logics of mass consumption.
    When analyzing the processes of reorganization of systems and beliefs, it is essential to consider the proposals of these artists, for they show the multiple scenarios, exits, and realities that each one is experiencing in the environmental crisis.
Tan Uranga

Contact:    info@laclinica.art

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